Advantages of crawler color sorter
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Advantages of crawler color sorter

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The material is smoothly transported to the outlet end through the hopper of the color sorter, and the outlet end is equipped with a high-speed industrial camera capture card. The materials are collected by the industrial camera at the end of the color sorter, and the impurities with different colors are sorted out. Throughout the process, the crawler color sorter played a role in color sorting. The crawler color sorter is divided into double-layer crawler color sorter and single-layer crawler color sorter. Compared with the crawler color sorter of the chute machine, it has the following advantages

1. Crawler-type color sorter greatly reduces the damage rate of selected materials

2. Crawler-type color sorter has a wide range of applications

3. The crawler color sorter has a high net selection rate and is clean


Crawler color sorter greatly reduces the damage rate of selected materials

The crawler color sorter can greatly reduce the rate of product damage. Because the crawler color sorter transports the products to the sorting area by the transmission of the crawler, the products are relatively static during the sliding process, which can greatly reduce the damage rate of the materials. The chute machine uses gravity to slide the product along the channel to the sorting area. During the sliding process, there will be a lot of collision and friction between the products, and the amplitude of the product's up and down movement is relatively large, which will cause the product to be impacted. , The damage rate is large.


The crawler-type color sorter has a wide range of applications

The width of the color channel of the chute type color sorter is designed by the size and shape of the product. In this way, some materials with large differences in volume cannot be tried at the same time. Clean, and affect the shipping price. In contrast, the crawler color sorter has a wide range of applications. It uses a combination of color and space algorithms to provide a "color selection + shape selection" function for different materials, and a variety of modes are freely set, which is more "flexible" No need to consider the above issues at all.


The crawler-type color sorter has a high net selection rate and is clean

The crawler-type color sorter uses the characteristics of belt transmission, which is smooth and stable, which not only reduces the collision of materials but also protects materials and reduces damage. Moreover, it is easy to identify the color without bullets, and the carry-out ratio is small, and the clean rate of the selection is high. It is especially suitable for materials such as tea which are difficult to choose and easy to break.


The crawler color sorter is operated by a computer, which is convenient and easy to control. The material is selected and the output is high; for the more difficult to select and easy to break tea, the damage rate is minimized, and the selection effect is good. Manshan Powaer Trading Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of color sorting machines, fire sprinklers, sprinklers, and various CNC parts processing. Provides a wide range of products to meet diverse needs.If you want to know more about our professional crawler color sorter and Water Mist Nozzle products, you can contact us at any time.

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