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Color sorter features

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With the development of industrial machinery, the appearance of color sorters replaced traditional manual sorting. It can be said to be a revolution. It has many advantages in improving product quality and efficiency. It has many advantages in food, food, pigment chemical industry, etc., and is widely used in the industry. The color sorter has the following characteristics:


1. Due to the use of modern CCD technology and computer-aided control technology, the ability to recognize materials is greatly enhanced and the resolution is high. Color sorters are sensitive to subtle color differences through fast cameras and computer-based personal color recognition. The intelligent nozzle system can accurately reject materials of different colors to ensure the quality of picking.


2. Multiple scans to identify defects and color differences as small as 0.02mm2, effectively increasing output. The rejection amount of the color sorter can be adjusted at will. Through the adjustment and control of the computer software, the ideal sorting effect can be obtained, which not only ensures the clarity of the product but also guarantees the interests of the enterprise.


3. The use of the color sorter can fundamentally alleviate the contradiction between seasonal labor and labor tension during sorting and can liberate a large number of sorting workers from simple and heavy manual labor. The color sorter adopts an LED light source and has a long service life


4. Computer operation mode, man-machine interface, simple and easy to learn, color sorter computer control system, parameter writing touch screen, etc. are more advanced, the operation is also very simple, most workers can master the semester training.


5. The sorting effect of miscellaneous grains, rice and other materials in the food industry is good. The processing capacity of a single piece of equipment can exceed hundreds of manual workers, which can greatly speed up the production schedule, increase the production capacity of the enterprise, reduce labor intensity, and improve the production environment.


6. The use of free-falling materials reduces friction, stabilizes output, avoids damaging the materials during the inspection process, and ensures the integrity of the materials.


7. Simple structure, low power consumption, small footprint, convenient maintenance and low cost. Modern production equipment makes the management of the enterprise simple and standardized, and the food hygiene level is greatly improved. The processing process is cleaner and environmentally friendly, and the production conditions are rapidly improved.


8. The entry of high-tech products such as color sorters has driven the industry to continuously adopt new technologies, new processes, new materials, and new equipment, which has greatly promoted the upgrading and technological transformation of traditional industries.


In the final analysis, the development of science and technology is to improve people's quality of life, including health and safety. If an enterprise wants to develop for a long time, it must continuously optimize the quality of its products. The color sorter exists to provide people with safer and more assured products.


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