Five cores of color sorter
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Five cores of color sorter

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The color sorter separates different objects according to the difference in reflection and transmittance of light of a specific wavelength under certain lighting conditions. The color sorter is composed of the following systems

1. Feeding system

2. Photoelectric system

3. Signal processing system

4. Sorting system

5. Human-machine interface


Feeding system

It is mainly composed of three parts: hopper, agitator and chute. The materials to be sorted are automatically formed into a continuous linear arrangement through vibration and guide chute in the feeding system, and enter the detection area of the photoelectric system at a constant speed


Photoelectric system

It is the key part of the color sorter, which is mainly composed of the light source, background board, sensor and other auxiliary devices. The light source will produce different reflective characteristics when illuminating the inspected material. According to its reflective characteristics, it is compared with qualified and defective products, And then the light value will be converted into a signal through the sensor and transmitted to the electronic control system


Signal processing system

Mainly controlled by signals, manufacturing devices, and microelectronic devices. The electronic control system is responsible for identifying and analyzing the electrical signals transmitted by the photoelectric system, and then issuing operating instructions to the sorting system


Sorting system

It is mainly composed of the finished product, inferior product tank, spray valve and gas source. After receiving the instruction from the electronic control system, the spray valve blows the defective products into the defective product tank to achieve the sorting purpose.



It is mainly composed of tablet computers, equipment and control programs.


Color sorters can be roughly classified into the following two categories according to the sensor model:

1. Photoelectric (tube) rice color sorter

2. CCD sensor rice color sorter

The photoelectric rice color sorter is a more popular style. It is an ordinary photoelectric sensor. The CCD sensor rice color sorter is the most popular on the market. The maximum resolution is 2048 pixels high-speed line scan CCD.

The difference between the photoelectric color sorter and the CCD color sorter is that the sensor CCD color sorter adopts a high-definition CCD color sorting lens, which increases the color sorting accuracy from 2 square millimeters of the photoelectric color sorter to 0.04~0.08 square mm. The accuracy of material selection is improved. , CCD output color sorter is also greatly improved compared with an ordinary photoelectric color sorter.

Therefore, if the user needs a higher color selection precision output, you can use a CCD color sorter. In addition, due to the different sensors, the photoelectric color sorter can only perform color sorting on black and white materials. For the color type, you can choose the CCD color classifier. The price of CCD color sorter is much higher than that of the photoelectric color sorter.


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