How does the rice color sorter work?
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How does the rice color sorter work?

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The photoelectric color sorter is a kind of non-destructive sorting equipment used for the quality inspection and classification of bulk materials. It has a wide range of applications in grain, food, pigment chemical industries and other industries. It is difficult to sort recycled plastic chips, plastic particles, and corn. , All kinds of beans, all kinds of rice, ore, pepper, pepper, garlic, melon seeds, raisins, seeds, Chinese medicine, sea rice, shrimp skin, cloves, glass, metal, the same color rod and other malignant impurities and special materials sorting The effect is very significant, reaching the international leading level.


With the progress of the modern agricultural industry, Baihuahua rice grains have been transformed from simple manual rolling to modern rice color sorting machines. The hard work of ordinary rice farmers has been replaced by prototype rice harvesters and final selection machines.


When the rice flows slowly from top to bottom along with the slide automatically set by the machine, the high-speed optical cameras hidden on both sides of the slide will automatically collect the color information of the rice. Once it finds abnormal rice grains that are different in color, shape, and size from healthy rice, the camera will immediately capture and lock the target. At this time, the optical signal is converted into an electrical signal, and the high-frequency solenoid valve device immediately turns on the airflow switch after receiving the signal. The driver will drive the ejector to eject a high-speed short airflow to quickly remove impurities mixed in the rice grains. In fact, rice has gone through a lot of hard work inside the high-speed color sorter. The color sorter has compound eyes like a dragonfly.


Food processing generally includes washing, stone removal, chaff separation, rice milling, magnetic separation, rice milling, polishing, photoelectric separation, etc. One of the key quality control points in rice processing is stone removal. During the processing, the rice is rigorously screened by metal detectors. This is an important step to remove physical hazards, metal foreign bodies and magazine residues, and can detect ferrous metals. And non-magnetic metal all-metal detector, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability.


The rice color sorter uses photoelectric technology to automatically sort rice particles of different colors according to the difference in rice optical characteristics, so as to achieve the effect of improving the quality of rice and removing impurities.


Generally speaking, rice contains many low-quality products, such as blackhead rice, mildew rice, etc., as well as some stones. Particles of different colors, these unclean rice will cause certain harm to the human body after eating, so the color of the rice is very important. The rice color sorter selects high-quality rice to make life healthier.


The establishment of the entire industrial chain of the grain processing industry from seed selection, germination, planting, purchasing and storage, processing to sales, is inseparable from the help of color sorters. Compared with labor, the rice color sorter has unparalleled advantages such as labor-saving, time-saving, high efficiency, and low processing cost, and the quality of the selected products is guaranteed to be higher, which greatly improves the economic benefits.


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