Installation of color sorter
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Installation of color sorter

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The color sorter is a piece of non-destructive sorting equipment used for quality inspection and grading of bulk materials. It has a wide range of applications in food, food, pigment chemical industries and other industries.

With the advancement of science and technology, the use of color sorters has become more and more popular, and it is not surprising that the color sorters have malfunctioned. The problems of various color sorters are endless. Faced with such a dilemma, how should we avoid the occurrence of color sorter malfunctions? When the preparatory work is in progress, it is necessary to make full preparations to reduce the problems that appear in the later period. The following points should be used when installing the color sorter

1. Precautions before using the color sorter

2. Check the color sorter out of the box

3. Mechanical installation of color sorter


Precautions before using the color sorter


(1) The color sorter should be installed on level ground without embedded anchor bolts.


(2) The color sorter should be installed in a separate isolated room, and should not be installed in a place with low temperature, high temperature, humidity, or dust.


(3) Install in a stable place on the ground. In order to avoid vibration, the color selection accuracy is reduced; if there is a hopper above, it cannot be directly connected with the hopper to prevent heavy pressure.


(4) The color sorter must be installed in the last selection process, that is, the color sorter is operated after polishing or fine grinding.


(5) Prevent strong electromagnetic interference on-site and nearby, so the user's self-connected water inlet and outlet pipes and exhaust pipes must use well-grounded iron pipes. Plastic pipes and other non-metallic pipes are not allowed.


(6) Do not install the color sorter in a place where sunlight and lighting can directly shine, especially sunlight, which will affect the signal collection of its photoelectric system. If it is unavoidable, curtains should be installed in places with sunlight.


(7) The interface between the color sorter and the upper hopper should be equipped with a fence to prevent debris or mold from entering and affecting the color sorting effect.


(8) If the local temperature is low and the compressed air temperature is still below 0°C, an air dryer should be installed in the compressed air system, otherwise the internal filter elements will be frozen and the machine will be damaged.


Unpacking inspection of color sorter


After receiving the machine, be careful when unpacking to avoid unnecessary damage to the machine parts, and check the integrity of the parts and equipment.


Mechanical installation of color sorter


The machine should be installed on a sturdy platform with railings or hard ground (the platform is above 1.6 meters from the ground), and the level should be found accurately, and the machine level should be adjusted to a level below 2/1000mm. There should be passages around the machine for easy operation, inspection and maintenance. According to the specific situation of the site, the upper feed port corresponds to the user's feed pipe, and the pipe should be equipped with a flow adjustment plate and a storage box. Note that the feed tube must not be pressed on the machine's feed hopper, otherwise it will affect the processing capacity.


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