Light source system in the color sorter
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Light source system in the color sorter

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There are many types of color sorters, and different uses determine the differences in their structural systems, such as plastic color sorters, multi-grain color sorters, and tea color sorters. Although the color sorter is composed of an optical system, a feeding system, a sorting system, an electric control system, etc., there are huge differences in structure.


The light source in the color sorter is an indispensable part of the optical system. It is related to the ability to distinguish qualified and defective products and affects the efficient removal of heterogeneous and heterogeneous particles in the color sorter. The optical system has a recognition area, including:

Material lamp assembly used to illuminate the material in the identification area

A collection component, the collection component is used to collect the image information of the material in the recognition area

A material lamp assembly, comprising a lightbox with a first light-transmitting area and a material lamp arranged in the lightbox

A collection component, comprising a housing with a second light-transmitting area and a camera arranged in the housing

The distance between a second light transmission area and the recognition area is greater than the distance between at least one first light transmission area and the recognition area

According to the optical system, contamination of the second light-transmitting area by material impurities can be reduced, cleaning frequency is reduced, and frequent shutdowns are not required for cleaning, which is beneficial to improve the efficiency of material identification, the material lamp assembly has a good lighting effect on the material, and the material identification effect is improved.


1. The spectral energy distribution characteristics of the light source should meet the requirements of the measured object and be compatible with the spectral response of the receiver. If necessary, filters can be added to remove unnecessary radiation. Through proper matching, the best effect can be obtained with the least energy, which not only saves energy but also avoids unnecessary interference caused by excess energy.


2. The shape, size and structure size of the light-emitting surface. The appropriate light-emitting surface shape can make full use of its light energy so that the measured object can be irradiated uniformly; the size of the light-emitting surface and the structural size of the light source affect the structural size of the machine.


3. The polar coordinate distribution of the brightness and intensity of the light source should also be selected according to the use requirements and the performance of the receiver. Generally speaking, stronger light will help improve the signal-to-noise ratio and the processing power of the electronic control system.


4. Whether the power supply system of the light source is complicated, whether it needs to be cooled during use, the service life, the convenience of replacement, and the economy must be considered.


Color sorters generally use LED light sources, which have a long life span. While capturing black high and low colors, the medium and heterochromatic particles of the selected materials are not hidden. Manshan Powaer Trading Co., Ltd. Specializing in the production of color sorting machines, fire sprinklers, sprinklers, various CNC parts have been processed for many years. The products are well received by customers all over the world. Based on the concept of "quality first, customer first", we undertake customization of various types of color graders.

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