Technical indicators of color sorter
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Technical indicators of color sorter

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Color sorters are widely used in many fields, such as the color sorting and grading of rice, grains (various beans) and tea in the food industry, and the color sorting and grading of some chemical industries in the industry (plastic tablets, plastic particles, salt, etc.). Next, let's take a look at the technical indicators of the color sorter?

(1) Processing capacity

(2) Color selection accuracy

(3) Take-out rate

(4) Take-out rate


Processing capacity

Processing capacity is the number of materials that can be processed per hour. The high speed of the servo system can quickly send the actuator to the corresponding position of the impurities, and can also increase the speed of the conveyor belt and increase the processing capacity. Otherwise, the speed of the conveyor belt needs to be reduced. The throughput per unit time is proportional to the speed of the conveyor belt. The faster the conveyor belt, the greater the output. The throughput per unit time is also related to the proportion of impurities contained in the raw materials. If there are few impurities, the greater the interval between the two impurities, the longer the response time left for the servo system, which can increase the speed of the conveyor belt.


Color selection accuracy

Color sorting accuracy refers to the percentage of impurities selected by the color sorter from the raw materials to the total impurities contained. If the servo system has enough time to remove impurities, the reduction of impurities will improve the accuracy of color selection. The slower the conveyor belt, the longer the time between adjacent impurities. The servo system has enough time to remove impurities and improve the accuracy of color sorting. The higher the initial purity of the raw material, the lower the impurity content, and the higher the color selection accuracy.


Rejection rate

The scrap rate refers to the ratio of the quantity of impurities in the waste material selected by the color sorter to the quantity of normal materials. The height of the take-out ratio can be adjusted. The adjustment of the take-out ratio is mainly realized by adjusting the power-on time of the actuator. For example, if the ratio is set too high, it will affect the two indicators of selection rate and processing capacity; if the setting is too low, the selected waste contains too much normal material, which will cause waste; in this case, post-processing is required. It requires a certain amount of manpower and material resources, which will also cause great troubles and economic losses.


Take out ratio

The takeaway ratio is mainly the ratio of substandard products to qualified products. The ratio of the heterochromatic particles in the color sorting rejection to the qualified rice particles in the color sorting rejection. A high ratio is good, but it usually reduces accuracy and output. Generally, the larger the processing amount, the larger the carry ratio, and the two cannot be realized.


Therefore, in the actual production process, the three indicators of processing capacity, color selection accuracy and discharge rate are integrated and are the key to the investigation. Manshan Powaer Trading Co., Ltd. provides customized services for the production of various color grading machines. And there are professional engineers to guide the installation and commissioning services.

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