The role of the Sorting Machine
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The role of the Sorting Machine

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The degree of automation is a sign of the degree of work development. Automatic sorting is an indispensable part of automation, and PLC-controlled sorting devices have become the mainstream due to their low cost and high efficiency. Sorting machines can be designed according to the design. Unmanned, high-efficiency work is carried out in a predetermined procedure, and maintenance costs are minimal. Due to all mechanical automation operations, the sorting processing capacity is relatively large, and the number of sorting categories is also large. It saves a lot of manpower and reduces the additional expenditure of the enterprise, which is the best way for the enterprise to save costs.


Especially in companies that need to Sorting Machine, manual sorting has been used in the past. Due to the personal limitation of human work, human production efficiency is very low compared with machinery, the error is large, and the production cost is high, which makes the company more competitive. Poor, hindering the normal development of the enterprise. Therefore, the PLC control system of the sorting device will inevitably replace the manual sorting work. This is also the fundamental reason for its rapid development, which is the inevitable development of society and enterprises. With the development of industry and the increasing level of the industry, automatic sorting devices will replace manual operations.


Sorting Machine is controlled by a programmable controller PLC, which can sort goods continuously and in large quantities. The sorting error rate is low and the labor intensity is greatly reduced, which can significantly improve labor productivity. Moreover, the sorting system can flexibly and seamlessly connect with other logistics equipment to realize the distribution and management of material logistics and material information flow.


Its design adopts standardized and modular assembly, has the characteristics of flexible system layout, convenient maintenance and overhaul, etc., and is not greatly affected by site reasons. At the same time, as long as the system is slightly modified according to different sorting objects, the requirements can be achieved, which is every aspect.

① It has a relatively high movement speed, and the speed is stable, so it can be used safely.

② Has higher productivity.

③ Under the same productivity, lightweight, small shape, low cost, it is your essential tool.

④ The parts of the transmission machinery have low load and small impact, and the parts are not easy to be damaged.

⑤ Compact structure, easy to manufacture and maintain.

⑥ The fixed action of the conveying goods line is single, which is convenient to realize automatic control.

⑦ The load is even during the working process, which can ensure the stable operation of the machine.


Most companies now have their own production lines, and automatic sorting devices are an indispensable part of the line, and some lines even use multiple sorting devices, which also shows that it has a large market space.


PLC control is currently the most commonly used automation control method in the industry. Because of its convenient control and the ability to withstand harsh environments, it is superior to single-chip control in the industry.


The PLC control system of the material sorting device uses PLC technology, position control technology, pneumatic technology, sensor technology, electric technology transmission technology, etc. These technologies are all necessary for automation technology and can be said to be one of the production equipment of modern work production sites. Tiny machinery.


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