The structural components of the color sorter
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The structural components of the color sorter

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The color sorter is a device that uses photoelectric detection technology to automatically sort out heterochromatic particles in granular materials according to the differences in the optical characteristics of the materials. Compared with the manual sorting machine, it is labor-saving, time-saving, high-efficiency, low processing cost, and improves the quality, economic and social benefits of the selected products.

Color sorters now have a very high market share. With the popularity of color sorters, it is necessary to consider the structure of different color sorters when purchasing different color sorters. Understanding the function of the component will help save costs and time. The color sorter consists of the following structural components


1. Feeding part: It is composed of a feeding hopper, a feeding port, a vibrator, etc. The feeding device is connected to the upper part by an anti-vibration spring. The selected material slides down into the channel through the feed hopper, the feed port and the vibrator.


2. Composed of a fixed paging slide rail and a one-time guiding device, it enters the draft room through the selected passage.


3. Sorting device: It is composed of two sorting boxes at the front and rear, equipped with cameras, light sources, reflectors and other diseases. The signal of each channel is collected from here and transmitted to the host computer.


4. Electrical box: electrical components are installed in the box outside the machine and are an important part of the machine. It controls the work of the electrical part and controls the spray valve to complete the color selection process for removing impurities.


5. Purge device: It is composed of main control, spray valve, valve line and spray valve, used to remove non-scraper.


6. Receiving hopper: It is composed of receiving room and receiving pipe. The receiving tube receives qualified products, and the receiving room receives unqualified products.


7. Frame structure: It is composed of brackets and so on. When the air pressure reaches the set value, it will automatically alarm and stop working.


9. Heating device: It is composed of the heating device behind the slideway, which is controlled by the air switch and temperature control switch in the electric box to make the passage work at a suitable temperature.


Color sorters can be divided into the following types

(1) Screening and sorting mechanical equipment: Principle: According to the geometry of the material and the different types of particles, the screen surface material with perforations is used for sorting. Features: high efficiency, strong production capacity, no impact phenomenon, destruction automation degree: average

(2) Mechanics-based sorting machinery: Principle: The particle size is divided according to the mechanical characteristics of the material particles. Features: It has the characteristics of precise operation, convenient adjustment, and complex structure. Degree; in general, it is not easy to implement choices.

(3) Photoelectric principle sorting machinery: Principle: Material sorting is based on the size and color of a single material. Features: The mechanical damage is small, and the accuracy is related to the speed of the transmission system. Degree of automation: occurs and is easy to achieve.


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