What is a color sorter?
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What is a color sorter?

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The color sorter is a device that uses photoelectric detection technology to automatically sort out heterochromatic particles in granular materials according to the differences in the optical characteristics of the materials. Can simply understand the color sorter from the following aspects

1. Basic information of color sorter

2. Application range of color sorter

3. The working principle of the color sorter

4. System composition of color sorter


Basic information of color sorter

A color sorter is a machine that takes photos of fallen materials (such as grains, tea, plastic pellets, etc.). According to the color difference between good and defective products, compressed air is used to spray the defective products. Good products are separated from materials, and the whole process is controlled by a built-in computer.


Application range of color sorter

At present, the market is mainly based on intelligent color CCD color sorters, and special and multi-functional color sorters have been developed to meet the different product needs of customers. There are mainly vertical color sorters, crawler color sorters and double-layer tea color sorters.

Color sorters have been widely used in many industries, from agriculture to industry, and can meet the needs of rice, tea, beans, medicinal materials, seeds, dried shrimps, nuts, various dry goods, plastics, jewelry, minerals, etc. Color selection requirements for more than 7,000 products such as materials.


The working principle of the color sorter

1. The hopper machine on the top of the feeder should slide the selected material from the material into the feeding trough (vibration trough) through the vibration of the feeding device (vibrating feeder).

2. After entering the box, under the action of the light source, the composite light signal of the material is used to amplify the CCD signal, so that the system generates an output signal, which is then processed by the transmission system to the PGAAR processing system.

3. It is best to make the materials falling into the finished product cavity of the hopper continuously flow into the finished product tank to achieve the purpose of material selection.

The color sorter is a high-tech intelligent product. Its existence not only provides great help for the safety of the food industry but also involves major industries and has a far-reaching impact.


The color sorter consists of the following systems

1. Feeding system: mainly composed of three parts: hopper, vibrator and chute.

2. Photoelectric system: mainly composed of the light source, background board and sensor.

3. Electrical control system: mainly composed of signal conditioning components, timing components, and microcomputer control devices.


4. Sorting system: It is mainly composed of the finished product, inferior product tank, spray valve and gas source.

5. Human-machine interface: mainly composed of tablet computer, operating system, and control program.


Compared with manual selection, the color sorter is labor-saving, time-saving, high-efficiency, and low-processing cost; it improves the quality and economic and social benefits of the selected products. The color sorter replaces human eyes and hands, completes sorting tasks, and improves work efficiency.


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