Working principle of miscellaneous grains color sorter
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Working principle of miscellaneous grains color sorter

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The multi-grain color sorter is a new type of multi-purpose color sorter, which mainly provides color sorting for a series of agricultural products such as soybeans, corn, broad beans, peanuts, coffee beans, peppers, wolfberries, chickpeas, etc.


The miscellaneous grains color sorter can separate the same material from different colors. Under certain lighting standards, different blocks are separated according to the difference between the total reflectance and transmittance of the blocks for special wavelengths of light. Can learn more about the multigrain from the following 2 aspects

1. Technical characteristics of miscellaneous grains color sorter

2. The specific working process of the color sorter for miscellaneous grains


The technical characteristics of the miscellaneous grains color sorter are

1. Adopt full bus structure, higher signal consistency, better stability, and closed structure is easy to prevent dust;

2. Using 2048 pixel speed line scanning CCD image sensor, using professional image acquisition and processing system, high-speed calculation and processing of the image's spectral parameters and graphic characteristics;

3. The CCD multigrain color sorter adopts the world's latest high-density field-programmable chip for signal processing and has stronger real-time performance. It can perform differentiation and integration processing at the same time, and can distinguish weak color aberrations and lesions as small as 0.08mm2 at the same time; enhance the difference Color, lesion sorting ability and effect;

4. Intelligent operation platform, easy to operate and easy to master, truly realize man-machine dialogue, intelligent docking, convenient and fast.


The specific working process of the miscellaneous grains color sorter:

(1) Connect the switching power supply to the tablet, touch the touch screen and just start color selection.

(2) Pour the raw materials prepared in advance to select the color into the vibrating feed hopper, vibrate at a high frequency according to the automatic feeder, and drip the raw materials into the raw material distribution tank.

(3) Each raw material will enter the sorting box according to the safe passage. Each plate has 68 safe passages, and each safe passage is matched with a gate valve to ensure the cleaning rate of each raw material.

(4) When the raw materials fall into the express sorting box, two 5388 resolution cameras, front, back, left, and right will take high-frequency panoramic photos of each raw material without leaving the corner of the dead, and the shooting rate reaches 3000 times per minute.

(5) According to the quantitative analysis, compare the photographs taken with the raw materials that meet the standard. It is found that the color of the products that do not pass is not consistent with the color of the raw materials. The gate valve blows the raw materials that do not pass into the overflow dam, and the raw materials that meet the standard follow the required line. Enter the destination port.

(6) After the color sorting machine for miscellaneous grains, if the raw materials in the overflow dam contain a small number of raw materials that meet the standard, the raw materials can be guided into the silo again and sorted again to improve the actual effect.


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