3 Chutes Optical Garlic Rice Grain Plastic Sorting Machine Garlic Color Separator Machine
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3 Chutes Optical Garlic Rice Grain Plastic Sorting Machine Garlic Color Separator Machine

Application:Dehydrated Vegetable, Grain, Peanut, Bean, Corn, Wheat, Rice
  • DY-192
  • DUYI
  • $12000 (The price includes the machine and the air compressor)
  • 750kg
  • 1599*1477*1711
  • Q235
  • White
  • Colorful,RGB,CCD,Image Capture
  • 1

Color sorting machine is an equipment that automatically sorts out different color particles in granular materials by photoelectric technology according to the difference of material color.

The selected material enters the machine from the hopper at the top, passes through the vibration of the vibrator device, slides down the channel, accelerates its descent into the observation area of the sorting room, and passes between the sensor and the background plate. Under the action of the light source, according to the intensity and color change of the light, the system generates output signals to drive the solenoid valve to blow out the different color particles into the waste material cavity of the receiving hopper, and the good selected material continue to fall into the finished product cavity of the receiving hopper, so as to achieve the purpose of selection.

Logo、Color、Size   Can be customized
Product name Production Capacity Nozzle Power(KW) Size(mm) Weight Lead   Time
DY-mini32 0.9-1.2t/H 32 1 880*1699*735 200kg 7Days
DY-1 0.9-1.2t/H 64 1.2 880*1699*735 350kg 7Days
DY-2 1.5-2.0t/H 128 1.8 1289*1477*1711 540kg 7Days
DY-3 1.8-2.4t/H 192 2.5 1599*1477*1711 750kg 15Days
DY-4 2.2-2.8t/H 256 2.7 1910*1477*1711 960kg 15Days
DY-5 2.6-3.2t/H 320 3.5 1910*1477*1711 1150kg 20Days
DY-6 3.0-3.6t/H 384 4.5 2220*1477*1711 1350kg 20Days
DY-7 3.4-4.0t/H 448 5.5 2650*1477*1711 1550kg 25Days
DY-8 3.8-4.4t/H 512 6.45 3014*1477*1711 1750kg 30Days
DY-10 4.6-5.2t/H 640 7.2 3642*1477*1711 1950kg 30Days



1.Q:How long about the guarantee period?
  One year. And we will supply lifelong software upgrade services for our customers.
2.Q:Will you accept L/C as payment?
  L/C ,T/T is OK.
3.Q:How about engineers service oversea?
  Our engineers could go abroad services when necessary.
4.How about the sample machines for testing?
Sample sending for testing is welcomed. Or you send these three photos, the raw material, good material (which is you want), bad material (which is you want to discard). We send our video to you.
5.Q:How to use the machine?
We will supply the Installation instructions or video and our engineers will train your operators.
6.Can you supply the accessories parts of color sorter?
Yes,we can supply some spare parts when you need.
7. Which machine will work together with our color sorter which you can supply?
We can provide Air compressor, air tank, air filters, Cleaning brushes, etc.


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