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  • Q Payment.

    A 100% payment for samples。30% advance payment for bulk goods, 70% payment before delivery.
  • Q What needs to be provided for customized samples?

    A Drawings, or: working pressure, flow , mounting height, protection range.
  • Q What is the logistics of sample delivery and the cost of logistics?

    A Express, free shipping.
  • Q The price of the sample?

    A If it is a general model , USD$60. If it is a customized sample, according to the requirements, at least USD$100.
  • Q How long will it take to customize the sample?

    A Depending on the customer's requirements, it takes 1-3 weeks.
  • Q About accessories?

    A We can provide some accessories you need, including air compressors, air tanks, air filters, air dryers, light sources, cleaning brushes, etc., including customized requirements.
  • Q The warranty period?

    A Two years for mechanical components and one year for core components.
  • Q About sample test?

    A we will produce a sample for your trialling purposes, and test in our factory first. and send you a video to see if it meets your requirements. If everything is OK, we will send the samples to you. The sample fee can be refunded to you after you order in bulk.
  • Q How to use the machine?

    We will provide customers with installation catalogs or videos online.
    When necessary, the engineer will go overseas to teach you how to debug and use the machine.
  • Q Do you provide overseas technical support and after-sales service?

    A Our engineers can go overseas for maintenance and guidance services
  • Q About the sample?

    A Can provide samples by mail or send video.
  • Q About customization?

    A You can provide us with the drawings or detailed data of the application of the product provided. we have rich design and processing experience, can meet the various customized processing requirements of customers.