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  • Some knowledge about water mist nozzle


    The fire-fighting closed-type high-pressure water mist nozzle completes the use of a specially processed swirl structure to atomize water into particles under higher pressure. Usually, the average particle size of the water mist is less than 100 microns, and the specific surface area and distributio Read More

  • Solution for clogging of water mist nozzle


    The centrifugal water mist nozzle of the water mist nozzle, the water flow rotates rapidly under the action of the tangential direction of the flow channel and sprays from the nozzle hole to achieve the atomization effect. The nozzle has the characteristics of suitable mist flow diameter and large m Read More

  • Several different Mist nozzle


    Mist nozzle The nozzle divides the liquid into sprays by pressure. The Mist nozzle is a nozzle product that can spray liquid in atomized form and evenly suspend it in the air. Can achieve the very ideal spraying effect.The nozzle principle of the pressure Mist nozzle is that when the liquid is in a Read More

  • Mist nozzle characteristics


    The mist nozzle is a device that can atomize, spray and evenly suspend liquid in the air. Its working principle is to squeeze the internal liquid into the nozzle through internal pressure. The iron piece is placed in the nozzle. The high-speed flowing liquid hits the iron flakes and rebounds to form Read More

  • High-pressure water mist open nozzle and closed nozzle


    The high-pressure water mist nozzle is composed of a pump set, nozzles, valve seats, stainless steel pipes, etc., and the system is connected to an automatic alarm system. It has a series of characteristics such as fast response, stable flow, uniform water mist, convenient maintenance, excellent fir Read More

  • Features of Mist nozzle


    The Mist nozzle is named after its atomized particles are very small and uniform. It has the characteristics of a large area covered by atomized water mist, energy-saving, and fast water mist evaporation effect. It is widely used in the fields of industry, agriculture, and landscape fog. The Mist no Read More

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