Brief discussion on operating management requirements of hefei color selecting machine
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Brief discussion on operating management requirements of hefei color selecting machine

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Hefei color sorter is a kind of high technology equipment which can improve the precision of selection, meet the needs of modern production, and improve the production efficiency and quality. Therefore, it can be seen that hefei color sorter is of great importance. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the operation and management of color sorter, use color sorter correctly and extend the service life of color sorter.

1. Full-time on-site management. Color separator should have specialist operations, and to maintain relatively stable, the technical indexes and economic responsibility system hook, clear equipment operation, maintenance, inspection, missile d etection, succession, responsibility, work content and package equipment responsibility clearly, to equipment operators such as time, place and method of inspection, records should have specific requirements, for equipment lubrication, equipment state monitoring and health area specific records requirements, etc., for equipment operation and management of equipment complete and index to quantitatively assess conditions, such as equipment intact rate, rate of downtime, etc.

2. On-site standard management. According to the regulations on the management of equipment in industrial transportation enterprises issued by the state council, and combined with the characteristics of equipment, various rules and regulations shall be established and improved to systematically regulate the behaviors of field managers. Operators are required to:

1. "four understanding, three knowing and three good" of equipment, that is, understanding of principle, structure, usage and performance; Able to operate, troubleshoot and maintain. Keep, use, and repair well.

2. Ensure the "three services" on the site, that is, check, wipe and maintain the equipment regularly and faithfully, and carry out the operation method of "clean, lubricate, tighten and adjust" equipment maintenance in a standard manner.

3. Field inspection method of "listening, touching, smelling, comparing and watching" shall be applied during inspection, including spanner tightening, cloth rubbing and stethoscope listening.

4. The "three prohibitions" of equipment operation shall not include overpressure, overspeed or overload, and "five no-leaks" shall not include material leakage, dust leakage, air leakage, oil leakage or water leakage.

5. Site "one flat, two clean, three see, three no, three no lack", that is, site should be flat, Windows and Windows clean, walls clean; Ditch bottom, shaft light, equipment see color; No garbage, no debris, no idle equipment, no lack of window glass, lighting equipment, no lack of trench cover.

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