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CNC machining steps

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CNC machining is currently the mainstream machining method. CNC is also called the "Numerical Control Machining Center". The main task is to write the processing program and transform the original manual work into computer programming. We need to understand the steps of CNC processing in order to better improve the processing efficiency, so what are the steps of CNC processing?

1. Analyze the processing drawings and determine the processing technology

2. Calculate the coordinate value of the tool path

3. Write parts CNC machining program


Analyze the processing drawings and determine the processing technology

Technicians can analyze the shape, dimensional accuracy, surface roughness, workpiece material, blank type and heat treatment state of the part according to the processing drawings provided by the customer, and then select the corresponding machine tool and tool, determine the positioning and clamping device, the processing method, and the processing sequence And the size of the cutting amount. be prepared. In the determination process, the command function of the CNC machine tool should be fully utilized to improve the work efficiency of the machine tool. Set the processing route reasonably, reduce the number of tools, and shorten the processing time.


Calculate the coordinate value of the tool path

According to the geometric dimensions of the part drawing and the programmed coordinate system, the movement track of the tool center is calculated to obtain all tool position data. General numerical control systems have the functions of linear interpolation and circular interpolation. For the contour processing of relatively simple plane parts (such as parts composed of straight lines and arcs), only the start point, endpoint and arc of the geometric elements need to be calculated. The coordinate value of the center (or arc radius), the intersection or tangent point of two geometric elements.

 If the CNC system has no tool compensation function, the coordinate value of the tool center motion path must be calculated. For parts with complex shapes (such as parts composed of non-circular curves and surfaces), it is necessary to approximate the actual curve or surface with a straight line segment (or arc segment), and calculate the coordinate value of its node according to the required machining accuracy.


Compile parts CNC machining program

According to the tool trajectory of the part, calculate the tool motion trajectory data and determine the process parameters and auxiliary actions. The programmer can write part processing programs one by one according to the function instructions and block format specified by the CNC system used. Attention should be paid when writing:

1. The programming specifications are easy to express and communicate;

2. On the basis of being fully familiar with the performance and instructions of the CNC machine tool used, master the skills of each instruction and the skills of writing program segments.


The above three are the steps of CNC machining parts. When performing CNC machining, these machining steps should be followed to achieve more efficient work.

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