Classification of CNC machining parts
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Classification of CNC machining parts

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CNC parts cannot be processed with high strength and good size. They can process parts with particularly complex shapes or mold control, such as mold parts, housing parts, etc.; they can process machine tool parts or parts, such as mathematical and three-dimensional terrain feature models that describe complex terrain features.

The classification, function and use of the CNC machining center determine the wide range of products it can process. Next, we will introduce several types of CNC machining:

1. Vertical machining center

2. Horizontal machining center

3. Multi-table machining center


Vertical Machining Center

Mainly used for the processing of plates, plates, and shells, suitable for high-precision, multi-process, and complex-shaped parts such as steel and large castings.

The spindle of the vertical machining center is in a vertical position. It can complete milling, boring, drilling, tapping, thread cutting and other processes. The vertical machining center is at least three-axis and two-linkage, and generally can achieve three-axis and three-linkage. Some can carry out five-axis or six-axis control, and the craftsman can determine the processing range of the machining center according to the number of axes controlled at the same time.

The column height of the vertical machining center is limited. When determining the movement range of the Z axis, you should consider:

①The height of the workpiece;

②Height of fixture;

③Tool length;

④The space occupied by the manipulator for tool change.


Horizontal machining center

It is suitable for processing various box parts and two-dimensional and three-dimensional curved surfaces. Manufacturing parts for machinery, automobiles, ships, textile machinery, printing machinery, agricultural machinery, aerospace, metallurgy and mining, machine tool manufacturing and other industries. The spindle of the horizontal machining center is set horizontally. A general horizontal machining center has three to five coordinate axes, and is often equipped with a rotary axis. The capacity of the tool magazine of the horizontal machining center is generally large, and some tool magazines can store hundreds of tools. The structure of the horizontal machining center is more complicated than that of the vertical machining center, the volume and the floor space are larger, and the price is higher.

Horizontal machining centers are more suitable for processing box parts. As long as it is clamped on the turntable once, milling, boring, drilling, and tapping can be performed on the four sides of the box. The horizontal machining center is easy to ensure one-time clamping and processing, and is suitable for batch processing of workpieces. The debugging time of complex parts processing program is several times that of normal processing. Therefore, the more workpieces processed, the less time each workpiece occupies the machine tool. Therefore, it is cost-effective to use a horizontal machining center for batch processing. However, it is difficult to meet the accuracy and quality requirements with ordinary equipment. Horizontal machining center processing is not only an efficient and high-quality automated production equipment, but also equipment to overcome technical problems.


Multi-table machining center

It uses the vertical and horizontal conversion mechanism of the milling head to realize the conversion from vertical machining to horizontal machining or from horizontal machining to vertical machining. The processing application of this kind of machining center is more extensive.

Multi-table processing can be realized. The advantage is that online clamping can be realized, that is, while processing, the lower workbench can load and unload the workpiece, and the workpiece to be processed can be installed on other workbenches. After starting the machine tool, it is done. For the automatic processing of batches of workpieces, the workpieces on the worktable can be the same or different. Its structure is relatively complex, the tool magazine capacity is large, the machine tool covers a large area, and the control system functions are relatively complete. The calculation speed is fast and the memory capacity is large.


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