Route confirmation of CNC machining parts
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Route confirmation of CNC machining parts

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CNC machining parts is an advanced machining technology in today's machinery manufacturing. It is an efficient, high-precision, and highly flexible automated processing method that uses CNC processing language for programming and control. When the data of the parts to be processed is input into the machine tool, the machine tool can process the parts that meet the standard through these data. Compared with manual processing, CNC processing has great advantages. The parts produced by CNC machining are very accurate and repeatable in mass production; CNC machining can produce parts that cannot be completed by manual machining. CNC machining parts can effectively solve complex, precise, small batch, and changeable machining problems such as molds. Productivity and production efficiency meet the needs of modern production. By using CNC machining parts, we can:

①The number of tool installations is greatly reduced, and complex tool installations are not required for machining parts with complex shapes. If you want to change the shape and size of the part, you only need to modify the part processing program, which is suitable for the development and modification of new products.

②The processing quality is stable, the processing accuracy is high, and the repeat accuracy is high, which is suitable for the processing requirements of the aircraft.

③In the case of multi-variety and small batch production, the production efficiency is higher, which can reduce the time of production preparation, machine tool adjustment and process inspection, and reduce the cutting time due to the use of the best cutting amount.

④ It can process complex profiles that are difficult to process by conventional methods, and even process parts that are difficult to observe.


When machining parts, pay attention to choosing the machining route of CNC machining parts.

1. Determine the machining route of CNC parts

2. The determination of the processing route should follow the principle of normal conditions


Determination of CNC parts processing route:

The CNC lathe feed processing path refers to the path where the turning tool moves from the tool setting point (or the fixed origin of the machine tool) to the time return point, and the processing program ends, including cutting path, non-cutting cutting and tool cutting. Empty travel path.

The feed path for finishing is basically the sequence of certain parts of the contour. Therefore, the focus of determining the feed path is to determine the feed path for rough machining and idle stroke.


In CNC lathe processing, the following principles should be followed to determine the normal state of the processing route:

1. The accuracy and surface roughness of the added parts should be guaranteed.

2. The shortest processing path reduces idle time and improves processing efficiency.

3. Try to simplify the workload of numerical calculation and simplify the processing process.

4. For some reusable programs, subroutines should be used.


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