Several machining types of CNC machining parts
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Several machining types of CNC machining parts

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The CNC machined parts are CNC milling machines. They are a new type of processing technology. The main task is to compile a processing program, that is, to transform the original manual work into computer programming. Of course, you need to have experience in manual processing.


During the operation, when opening the CNC parts, the operator should adjust the feed speed to a very small value, execute a single block, and concentrate on fast positioning, tool drop, and feed. Put your hand on the stop button, and stop immediately if there is a problem. Pay attention to investigating the direction of the tool movement to ensure safe feed, and then slowly increase the feed speed to an appropriate level, and add coolant or cold air to the tool and the workpiece.


Do not leave the control panel too far when roughing. If there is any abnormality, stop and register in time. After rough machining, pull the meter again to confirm that the workpiece is not loose. If so, you need to calibrate and count from scratch. Continuously optimize processing parameters during processing to achieve better processing results.


After the workpiece is processed, it should be measured whether its main scale value is consistent with the requirements of the drawing. If there is any problem, immediately notify the monitor or programmer to check and deal with it. It can be dismantled after passing the self-inspection and needs to be sent to the inspector for special inspection. Next, several common types of CNC parts processing are shown:

1. Hole processing

2. Reaming

3. Boring processing

4. Direct numerical control (DNC) operation


Hole processing: 

Before drilling holes in the machining center, you must first use a center drill to locate, then use a drill that is 0.5 to 2 mm smaller than the size of the drawing, and then use a suitable drill for finishing.


Reaming processing:

When reaming the workpiece, first use a center drill to locate, then use a drill with a size of 0.5~0.3mm smaller than the drawing to drill the hole, and then use a reamer to ream the hole. When using reaming, pay attention to controlling the spindle speed within 70~180rpm/min.


Boring processing: 

the workpiece is too boring, first use a center drill to locate, then use a drill 1~2mm smaller than the drawing to drill, and then use a rough boring cutter (or milling cutter) to process only one side with a machining allowance of about 0.3mm, Finally, use the pre-prepared fine boring tool to perform fine boring, and the one-time fine boring allowance cannot be less than 0.1mm.


Direct numerical control (DNC) operation:

before DNC numerical control processing, first clamp the workpiece, set the zero position, and set the parameters. Open the processing program to be transferred in the computer to view, then let the computer enter the DNC state, and input the correct processing program file name. Press the TAPE key and the program start key on the processing machine tool, and the machine tool controller will display a flashing LSK word at this time. Press Enter on the computer to process DNC data transmission.


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