The basic process of CNC machining parts
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The basic process of CNC machining parts

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CNC machining usually refers to computer digital control precision machining, CNC machining lathe, CNC machining milling machine, CNC machining boring and milling machine, etc. The machining process of CNC machining parts is:

1. Drawing review

2. Select tool

3. Clamping the workpiece

4. Install knife, fixed knife

5. Processing standards for finding and confirming

6. Programming

7. Processing

8. Check


Drawing review

According to the drawings or customer requirements, specify the processing location, initially confirm the processing technology, and confirm the procedure. Manual programming or computer programming (mainly depending on the complexity of the shape of the processed part), and approximate clamping method.


Select tool

According to the shape of the machined parts, select the appropriate tool size and length. Need to consider at the same time whether it can match the processing program, whether it interferes with the fixture or the pressure plate, etc., pay special attention to small and narrow workpieces and corners, and the selected tool diameter cannot be greater than the corner radius. According to different workpiece materials, heat treatment status and drawings, you need to choose the appropriate tool type.


Clamping the workpiece

Clamp the product or workpiece in a suitable position on the machine according to the processing technology, and pay attention to whether the clamping method is convenient, concise, reasonable and safe.

It can be clamped directly with auxiliary tools such as flat vise or three-jaw chuck. If the shape is irregular, you can choose a pressure plate or use a clamp instead.


Mounted knife, fixed knife

Hang the tool in the CNC machine library according to the processing technology (if computer programming is required, follow the program table to set the tool), and then according to the processing technology or the program table (length direction), and modify the tool length according to the corresponding number of the machine tool controller.


Processing standards for finding and confirming

Use the edge finder or tool setting tool to determine the machining datum point according to the machining process or the program table, and then set the number according to the input machine coordinate system.



1. Manual programming: If the processing part is relatively simple, you can directly write on the machine according to the drawing. When writing, the processing program should be consistent with the previously designed tool, and the processing sequence should be considered. Knife position, cutting method and speed, and cutting speed and other related parameters.

2. Computer programming: If the shape of the processed part is very complicated or many, you need to use a computer to assist the processing.



1. Dry run program: Run the program after raising the tool height direction to a proper height. Run the above program in the fixture and product to confirm whether the tool path is reasonable, whether the tool clamping is reasonable, and whether the use of the tool handle is reasonable.

2. Formal processing: change the tool height to the correct compensation and run the program, observe during processing

Whether the processing is abnormal



A. Self-inspection or quality control checks whether the size of the processed workpiece is correct. If it is not normal. Preliminary analysis of the reasons,

B. Check the appearance of the product for scratches, thank you for the preliminary analysis of the cause, and then notify the relevant units to discuss improvements.


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