The difference between CNC machining and mold machining
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The difference between CNC machining and mold machining

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The high precision of the mold industry requires the use of CNC machine tools, and CNC machined parts are the most widely used in the mold industry.

Compared with ordinary mold manufacturing, CNC machined parts have these requirements. Are they the same? We can look at it from the following aspects:

1. Different styles

2. Different periods

3. Different approaches


Different styles:

(1) The mold is like painting. It is very beautiful, very detailed, and very complex. You will always be exposed to different paintings and different styles. And making a product is like drawing an egg by Da Vinci, drawing a circle every day, or drawing a box, repetitive, monotonous, but what we have to do is how to ensure that each egg is painted the same, how to draw in the shortest time and more. There are too many eggs, so mistakes may occur, so we must do everything possible to take measures to ensure that no mistakes are painted.


(2) The overall product development of CNC machining parts is independent entrepreneurship, technology, technicians, engineers, etc., or management, from the line of monitors, dispatchers, and directors. No specific other quality checks are involved. Refers to processing with CNC processing tools. CNC machining parts are programmed and controlled by CNC machining language, usually G code. The CNC machining G code language tells the Cartesian position coordinates of the machining tool of the CNC machine tool and controls the feed speed and spindle speed of the tool, as well as the tool changer, coolant, and other functions.


Different periods:

(1) The complexity of product programming is significantly lower than that of mold tools. The wages for making products come quickly, and you can learn technology when making molds. We must start from the basics, understand how to do it, and divorce reality. The theory is not good. Need to learn to use CNC programming software for automatic programming, some complex programs still need to be programmed with a computer.


(2) From the perspective of learning content, product programming includes two-dimensional and three-dimensional software modeling, product case programming, mold programming, and computer programming courses such as electrode removal, electrode programming, and mold programming are added. In terms of learning time, 2-3 months for products and 4-5 months for molds.


Different methods:

The threshold for CNC programming is not high. In fact, whether you graduate from junior high school or college, you can learn well as long as you want to learn. How long does it take to study? It depends on your own learning style. Some self-study and some have also studied in training institutions, but it still doesn't work.


The difficulty of self-study is still relatively large, and you may get stuck when you encounter small problems. The basic operation of the software is useless. The core is methods and ideas and then practice more.


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