Classification and characteristics of Water Mist Nozzle
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Classification and characteristics of Water Mist Nozzle

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The fine water mist is produced under the minimum design working pressure with professional equipment; the high-pressure water mist has the functions of cooling, humidifying, dustproof, fire fighting, landscaping, etc., and can be used in industries, breeding, planting, entertainment and other fields.

Classified by fog flow shape

According to the shape of the mist flow formed by the Water Mist Nozzle, the nozzle can be divided into a cone-shaped solid nozzle and a cone-shaped hollow nozzle. The solid Water Mist Nozzle is mainly used for dust suppression, and the hollow Water Mist Nozzle is mainly used for dust suppression.

The cone-shaped solid mist column sprayed by the solid nozzle has a higher mist flow velocity, and the dust collided by the mist particles can generally fall. However, due to the high speed of the mist flow, the inhaled air around can easily blow away the inhalable small particle size dust, which objectively affects the dust reduction effect.

The cone-shaped fog curtain sprayed by the hollow nozzle is mainly dust-proof. In order to increase the area covered by the fog screen, the cone angle of the fog screen is generally relatively large, and the nozzle is relatively far away from the dust source. This also causes the fog particle velocity to drop to a very low level at the end of the fog screen with a larger diameter. In addition to not being able to capture dust particles, it also loses its dust-proof effect.

From the analysis of the fog shape, the density of the solid spray is higher than that of the hollow spray in the entire length of the Water Mist Nozzle. In the effective range of solid spray, it is generally difficult for coal dust to pass through the fog curtain. Therefore, the solid cone-shaped fog body is better than the hollow cone-shaped fog body.


According to the atomization method, it can be divided into:

(1) Mechanical atomization

(2) Medium atomization


Mechanical atomization

Mechanical atomization mainly relies on the high-speed jet generated by the liquid to atomize itself under the action of pressure difference, so Water Mist Nozzle can be divided into direct nozzles, centrifugal nozzles and rotating nozzles. Direct atomization and centrifugal atomization can be collectively referred to as pressure atomization.

Direct injection nozzles mainly rely on water jets to achieve atomization. The water pressure requirements are relatively high, the larger the nozzle diameter, the thicker the atomization, so the nozzle diameter cannot be too large, and the flow rate adjustment range is relatively small.

The centrifugal nozzle uses the centrifugal force generated by the high-pressure water through the swirl device to generate a liquid film, which is broken and atomized by the air. The effect of centrifugal atomization is better than that of direct atomization, but it also requires a higher water supply pressure, so the application conditions are limited.

Rotary nozzles are roughly divided into two categories: rotating body type and rotating nozzle type. The swivel type is divided into the cup type and the turntable type. Rotary cup atomization is to spray water into the front end of a cone rotor, and use a high-speed rotating rotor to diffuse the water into a thin film. The liquid is atomized by the combined action of "centrifugal force spray" and "speed spray". In the same way, the turntable atomization relies on the high-speed turntable to atomize the liquid.


Medium atomization

According to the different atomization methods, it is divided into pneumatic atomization and bubble atomization. Pneumatic Water Mist Nozzle are widely used. The pneumatic atomization nozzle relies on a certain pressure of gas to form a high-speed airflow, so that air and water form a higher relative velocity, so as to achieve the purpose of atomization. The advantage is that a good atomization effect can be obtained under lower water pressure, and the working conditions can be adjusted in a larger range. But the power supply is not single, and the system composition is complicated.

Special nozzles generally use ultrasonic, electromagnetic field, electrostatic effect and other principles for atomization. Although this type of nozzle has a good effect in some other industrial applications, it is rarely used due to the harsh underground environment of coal mines.


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