Sharing multiple Spray Nozzle
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Sharing multiple Spray Nozzle

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The sprinkler converts the pressure energy of the water flow into kinetic energy and sprays it into the air to form raindrops, which can be used for irrigation. Can be divided into the following categories

1. Fixed nozzle

2. Rotating nozzle

3. Orifice nozzle

4. Lift the nozzle


Fixed nozzle

① Features. The Spray Nozzle whose parts do not move relative to each other during spraying are called fixed Spray Nozzle. Fixed sprinklers are also called diffusion sprinklers or decentralized sprinklers. Its characteristic is that each part is fixed relative to the vertical pipeline during the sprinkler irrigation process, and the water flow is dispersed on the whole circle or part of the circle (fan shape) at the same time. In this way, the water flow is dispersed, the range is short (5-10m), and the intensity of sprinkling irrigation is high (above 15-20mm/h). The water distribution rule of most sprinklers is that the nearby sprinkler irrigation intensity is much higher than the average sprinkler irrigation intensity, so the use range is greatly restricted. However, it has a simple structure, no rotating parts, reliable work, low working pressure required, and generally thin water droplets. It is often used in cantilever sprinklers, central fulcrum sprinklers and translation sprinklers for park lawns to save energy.


Rotating nozzle


① Features. Rotating Spray Nozzle are also called jet Spray Nozzle, which are characterized by rotating while spraying. When the water is sprayed from the nozzle, it becomes a concentrated jet with a long-range, a large flow range, and low spray intensity. The common disadvantage of rotating sprinklers is that when the riser is not vertical, the speed of the sprinklers is uneven, which will affect the uniformity of sprinkler irrigation.


②Working principle. The nozzle makes the pressure water flow through the nozzle and the nozzle, forming 1 (or 2~3) concentrated water tongue to shoot out. Due to the vortex in the water tongue, the water tongue is broken into small water droplets under the action of air resistance and the crushing mechanism (crushing screw, crushing needle or impeller). The nozzle and the nozzle rotate slowly around the vertical axis so that the water droplets are evenly sprayed on the nozzle. Around it, a circular or fan-shaped wet surface with a radius equal to the range of the nozzle is formed to achieve the purpose of irrigation.


Orifice nozzle


The orifice tube nozzle is composed of one or several tubes with a smaller diameter, and some small nozzle holes with a diameter of only 1 to 3 mm are distributed on the top of the tube. According to the distribution of water spray holes, it can be divided into single-row orifice tubes and multi-row orifice tubes.



Lift nozzle


The lifting nozzle is composed of two parts: a nozzle and a lifter. The sprinkler is a commonly used rocker or impeller sprinkler, installed on the elevator. The lifter is composed of a piston, a piston stop ring, a lifting sleeve, a guidepost, etc. When working, pressurized water acts under the piston to lift the tappet, nozzle and upper cover together. At this time, the nozzle does not spray water. When it rises to a certain height and the upper end of the guide post is blocked by the fixed shell, the guidepost and the piston stop ring no longer rise, but the piston and the lifting sleeve continue to rise to separate the piston stop ring from the piston stop ring. The 4 water inlet holes on the piston originally blocked by the piston are opened. At this time, water enters the 4 water inlet holes on the piston and supplies water to the nozzle through the lifting sleeve. The sprinkler is exposed to a certain height on the ground and starts to spray water.


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