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Fire protection spray nozzle

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The structure of the fire sprinkler protection nozzle is also relatively simple, mainly composed of a sprinkler, a heat-sensitive glass ball filled with liquid, and a water pipe plug.

The most important thing is the heat-sensitive glass ball, which is composed of glass and kerosene/ether and other contained solutions. Because the water is always in the pipeline, the fire sprinklers are in an "always on standby" state. If a fire occurs, the temperature in the air When it reaches high enough, the temperature of the air above the fire source will rise, and when the glass ball in the showerhead is exposed to high temperature, the liquid inside will begin to expand. When the set expansion temperature is exceeded, the liquid will remove the glass. The ball squeezed. The colors are different, which means that the spray will only start at different temperatures. Among them, red represents 68°C, yellow represents 79°C, green represents 93°C, and blue represents 141°C. These are commonly used, and red is the most commonly used nozzle in our lives.


According to different users in different places, fire sprinklers are mainly divided into

1. Ordinary fire protection spray nozzle

2. Sidewall type fire protection spray nozzle

3. Fire protection spray nozzle

4. Vertical fire protection spray nozzle

5. Hidden fire protection spray nozzle


Ordinary fire protection spray nozzle

It can be installed directly or vertically in the sprinkler network, spraying 40%-60% of the total water volume downwards, and spraying the larger part to the ceiling. Such nozzles are mainly installed in restaurants, shops, warehouses, underground garages and other places.


Sidewall type fire protection spray nozzle

Install against the wall, suitable for places where space piping is difficult. Such nozzles are mainly installed in light-dangerous parts of buildings such as offices, halls, lounges, corridors, and guest rooms.


Fire protection spray nozzle

The scope of application is very wide, and it can be installed droopingly on the water supply branch pipe. The shape of the sprinkler is parabolic, spraying 80-100% of the total water to the ground. This sprinkler is mainly installed in a room protected by a suspended ceiling, and the sprinkler is installed under the suspended ceiling.


Vertical fire protection spray nozzle

Generally installed upright on the water supply branch pipe, the spray shape is parabolic, and 80-100% of the total water volume is sprayed downward, and part of it is sprayed on the ceiling. This type of nozzle is mainly installed in places where there are many moving objects and easy to hit.


Hidden fire protection spray nozzle

It is welded to the thread with fusible metal, with a melting point of 57 degrees. Therefore, when a fire occurs, the temperature rise causes the lid to fall off first, and when the temperature rises to 68 degrees, the glass tube bursts, causing water to spray out. Such sprinklers are mainly installed in high-end hotels, residences, theaters and other places.


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