Classification of Spray Nozzle
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Classification of Spray Nozzle

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The Spray Nozzle is the most important part of the Spray Nozzles irrigation system. The pressure water is sprayed into the air through it, dispersed into small droplets, and evenly sprinkled on the irrigation area controlled by it, also known as Spray Nozzles. Its function is to convert the pressure energy of the water flow into kinetic energy, spray it into the air to form raindrops, and evenly distribute them on the irrigated area to irrigate the lawn. The Spray Nozzle head can be installed on a fixed or mobile pipeline, on the water delivery pipe of the truss of the row Spray Nozzles irrigation unit and on the traction frame of the draw works Spray Nozzles irrigation machine and form a complete Spray Nozzles irrigation machine or Spray Nozzles irrigation system with the supporting machine and pump. Whether the performance and use of the Spray Nozzles are correct plays a decisive role in the sprinkling quality, economy and reliability of the entire Spray Nozzles irrigation system or Spray Nozzles irrigation machine.

Nozzles can be classified in different ways. For example, nozzles are classified according to their working pressure (or range), working characteristics, and materials.

1. Classified by working pressure and scope

2. Classified according to the relative position of the nozzle installation position and the ground

3. Classified by structure and spraying characteristics


Classified by working pressure and scope

According to the working pressure and the size of the range, nozzles can be roughly divided into four types: micro-pressure nozzles, low-pressure nozzles or short-range nozzles, medium-pressure nozzles or medium-range nozzles, and high-pressure nozzles. nozzle


Classified according to the relative position of the nozzle installation position and the ground

Embedded pop-up nozzle. This means that except for the Spray Nozzles cover, the rest are placed underground. In the non-working state, the top of the nozzle is at the same height as the ground. Moving and walking on the ground does not produce obstacles, does not affect the landscape effect, and does not hinder the work of lawn trimming and cleaning machinery. When the nozzle is working, the rotating part of the nozzle is sprayed out by the water pressure in the pipe, and the nozzle extends out of the ground to spray. When the water source is closed, the water pressure disappears, and the rotating part of the nozzle retracts to its original position under the action of the spring. Different lawn green spaces can choose buried Spray Nozzles with different spray heights. There are many accessories for buried Spray Nozzles in golf courses, such as drainage devices in the protective shell, decompression and overflow stop devices, filters, etc.


Spray Nozzles on the ground. Spray Nozzles are installed at a certain height from the ground. Common ground Spray Nozzles are mainly rocker Spray Nozzles. Since the above-ground Spray Nozzles must have vertical pipes to connect the Spray Nozzles with the underground main pipe, which affects the work of lawn maintenance and management machinery and obstructs the lawn landscape, it is generally rarely used.


Classified by structure and spray characteristics


According to the structure and spray characteristics, it can be divided into the rotating nozzle, fixed nozzle, nozzle tube, pulse nozzle and so on.

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