Mist nozzle characteristics
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Mist nozzle characteristics

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The mist nozzle is a device that can atomize, spray and evenly suspend liquid in the air. Its working principle is to squeeze the internal liquid into the nozzle through internal pressure. The iron piece is placed in the nozzle. The high-speed flowing liquid hits the iron flakes and rebounds to form atomized particles with a diameter of about 15-60 microns. Spray through the nozzle outlet. Mist nozzles are widely used in various spray products, such as pesticides, air fresheners, and pharmaceutical sprays.

Atomization technology covers almost all industrial fields such as transportation, agricultural production, and people's daily life. In addition to the combustion of various fuels, atomization technology is also used in non-combustion industries such as catalytic granulation, food processing, and powder coatings. Pesticide spraying also has a wide range of applications.


Atomization characteristics refer to the influence of nozzle structure, working parameters, atomizer physical characteristics and atomizing medium on nozzle atomization performance. In order to comprehensively evaluate the atomization performance of the nozzle, a number of index parameters are proposed, mainly including:

1. Atomization fineness

2. Atomization uniformity

3. Atomization cone angle


Atomization fineness

The size of the droplets after atomization reflects the particle fineness of atomization, and is an important indicator for evaluating the quality of atomization. Generally speaking, the finer the mist particles, the easier it is to heat, evaporate and burn. However, too fine atomization is not good. After the fuel is ejected from the mist nozzle, it is immediately taken away by the airflow, forming an over-concentrated mixture in a certain area; where the oil droplets cannot be ejected, the concentration of the mixture is very low. The distribution of this concentration field will narrow the range of combustion stability and reduce combustion efficiency. Due to the unevenness of the droplet diameter, sometimes the maximum and minimum are 50-100 times different, so the concept of average droplet diameter can only be used to express the atomization fineness.


Atomization uniformity

Atomization uniformity refers to the uniformity of the oil droplet size after fuel atomization. If the atomization uniformity is poor, the number of large droplets is large, which is not conducive to combustion. However, it is unreasonable to be too uniform, because most of the oil droplets will be concentrated in a certain area, the volume of the combustion chamber will not be fully utilized, and the combustion stability will also be affected.


Atomization cone angle

The fuel spray gun ejected from the mist nozzle is in the shape of a hollow cone and consists of many small droplets suspended in the surrounding air or moving in the surrounding air. Generally, the angle between the exit of the mist nozzle and the two tangent lines of the spray gun cover is defined as the spray cone angle. The size of the injection cone angle largely determines the distribution of the fuel in the combustion space. The injection cone angle should be selected according to the size of the combustion chamber and the mixing conditions of fuel and air. A larger nozzle cone angle can not only fully supply fuel into the air, but also draw more air from the surroundings, but an excessively large cone angle will inject fuel onto the flame tube wall, causing coke deposits and incomplete combustion. Of course, the cone angle cannot be too small, otherwise the fuel droplets cannot be effectively distributed to the entire combustion chamber space. Excessive injection into the anoxic recirculation zone will result in poor mixing with air and carbon deposits.

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