High-pressure water mist open nozzle and closed nozzle
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High-pressure water mist open nozzle and closed nozzle

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The high-pressure water mist nozzle is composed of a pump set, nozzles, valve seats, stainless steel pipes, etc., and the system is connected to an automatic alarm system. It has a series of characteristics such as fast response, stable flow, uniform water mist, convenient maintenance, excellent fire extinguishing performance, and high-cost performance.

There are open nozzles and closed nozzles for high-pressure water mist nozzles. the difference lies in:

1. The closed sprinkler system of the water mist nozzle adopts a closed sprinkler, that is, a normally closed sprinkler. The temperature-sensitive locking device of the nozzle will only fall off under a predetermined temperature environment and the nozzle will be opened. Therefore, in the event of a fire, only the sprinklers in the flame or close to the fire source will be activated to extinguish the fire.


2. The open sprinkler system of the water mist nozzle adopts an open nozzle, which is normally open, and has no temperature sensing lock device. In the event of a fire, all open sprinklers in the system protection area where the fire is located will release water to extinguish the fire.


3. The valve part of the open sprinkler system is different from the water spray part. The valve part is electric or manual. In the event of a fire, the fire alarm system will alarm, and the parallel control device will electrically activate the valve, or manually activate the valve to open the valve. The water in the main pipeline reaches the nozzle through the valve and sprays out to extinguish the fire.


4. The closed valve is usually closed, but there is water before and after the valve. In the event of a fire, the high temperature ruptures the glass bulb that closes the nozzle. When the water is sprayed out, the valve detects that the water pressure at the rear has dropped, and an alarm system is issued. A warning signal is issued, and the alarm system is activated in parallel to start the fire pump for the water supply.


5. The same is the automatic sprinkler system, which must be linked to start the fire pump. The difference is that the action steps of the water spray are different, and the application site is also different. Because the reliability of the closed type is not high, the nozzle may be broken by an external force, causing false spray, so it is installed in some parts that are not sensitive to water.


Both the open high-pressure water mist fire extinguishing system and the closed high-pressure water mist fire extinguishing system include full submergence application mode and local application mode. They use closed water mist nozzles, which are automatically interlocked or remotely controlled by the supporting automatic fire alarm system. , After the manual start, control a group of nozzles to spray water at the same time an automatic water mist fire extinguishing system. Manshan Powaer Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional factory exported to more than 20 countries, with professional technicians and products, welcome to consultIf you want to know more about high-quality Water Mist Nozzle and Spray Nozzle products, please feel free to contact us.

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