Several different Mist nozzle
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Several different Mist nozzle

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Mist nozzle The nozzle divides the liquid into sprays by pressure. The Mist nozzle is a nozzle product that can spray liquid in atomized form and evenly suspend it in the air. Can achieve the very ideal spraying effect.

The nozzle principle of the pressure Mist nozzle is that when the liquid is in a high-pressure state, the nozzle ejects from the nozzle at a high speed and enters a static or low-speed airflow. Due to the different nozzle internal flow channel structure of different pressure atomization nozzle models, the atomization process is also different. Mist nozzles can be divided into the following four categories

1.Pressure Mist nozzle

2.Rotating Mist nozzle

3.Medium Mist nozzle

4.Air Mist nozzle


Pressure Mist nozzle nozzle

The principle is that when the liquid is ejected from the nozzle at high speed under high pressure, it enters a static or low-speed airflow. Due to the different nozzle internal flow channel structure of different pressure atomization nozzle models, the atomization process is also different.

Rotating Mist nozzle nozzle

The principle is that by supplying liquid to the center of the high-speed rotating part and throwing the liquid to the periphery or hole of the rotating part, it is rotary atomization that atomizes the liquid by centrifugal force. And aerodynamics.

Medium Mist nozzle

The principle is divided into pneumatic atomization and bubble atomization according to different atomization methods; according to different working media, it is divided into steam atomization and air atomization. The medium atomization nozzle uses the high-speed coaxial or vertical high-speed jet of fluid such as air or steam to atomize the liquid column or liquid film of the liquid working medium. These nozzles are collectively referred to as two-fluid Mist nozzles. It can also be called a pneumatic nozzle.

Air Mist nozzle

It strengthens the flow of the surrounding airflow and the influence on the liquid. Air Mist nozzle nozzles mainly use high speed, usually only tens of meters per second, and even form a liquid column or liquid film of supersonic air or steam and low-speed liquid. Contact produces vibration and friction, breaking the liquid into fine droplets, that is, the friction force of the air on the liquid is greater than the internal force of the liquid, causing the flow of liquid film to break.


The Mist nozzle can be applied to

1. Industry: humidification of textile workshops, cigarette workshops, electronic workshops, paper workshops, printing workshops, automobile coating workshops, wood (furniture) processing workshops, fire (explosive) medicine production workshops, etc.; cooling of power plant workshops and steelmaking workshops; Humidification and cooling of high-temperature and high-humidity environmental conditions in brewing and food industries.

2. Agriculture: cold storage, greenhouse, livestock breeding, flower nursery, edible fungus cultivation, greenhouse cultivation, preservation of fruits and vegetables, prevention of static electricity, disinfection, haze prevention, dust suppression, etc. humidification and cooling.

3. Landscape fog generation: The ultra-fine mist particles suspended in the air move with the wind like clouds and disappear from time to time, creating a charming scenery effect; at the same time, the ultra-fine mist particles contain a lot of negative ions, which increase the air content. The amount of oxygen greatly creates and improves the environment in which people live and live.


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