Some knowledge about water mist nozzle
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Some knowledge about water mist nozzle

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The fire-fighting closed-type high-pressure water mist nozzle completes the use of a specially processed swirl structure to atomize water into particles under higher pressure. Usually, the average particle size of the water mist is less than 100 microns, and the specific surface area and distribution density are high. It has the effect of vaporization and cooling. And oxygen suffocation is stronger. The closed high-pressure water mist nozzle fire extinguishing system produced by Bomei Spray uses easy-to-access and cheap water as the fire extinguishing medium, which is efficient, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, uses less water, and has minimal impact on the water damage of the protected object. With the elimination of haloalkane fire extinguishing technology, water mist fire extinguishing technology as new alternative technology has shown very superior characteristics. It is a revolutionary new technology for green and environmental protection. High-pressure water mist nozzles can be divided into two types:

1. Open type high-pressure water mist nozzle

2. Closed high-pressure water mist nozzle


Open high-pressure water mist nozzle

Open-type high-pressure water mist nozzle: As the name suggests, it is in a long open state when it is not normally in working condition. So, what does normally open mean? If it is normally open, it means that the pipe is in a state of communication with the outside world when it is not working, that is, if there is water in the pipe, it will flow out immediately. Cannot store water.


Closed high-pressure water mist nozzle

Closed high-pressure water mist sprinkler: It means that it is closed when it is not working, and the pipeline is not connected to the outside world. The more intuitive difference is: there is a red glass bubble on the closed sprinkler, and when the temperature reaches Its initiation point is 70 degrees, and the glass bubble will burst and start to work. The open type needs to wait for the water to pass through the pipe and reach the sprinkler before the fire can be started.



General application places of water mist nozzles:

The fire extinguishing system with closed high-pressure water mist nozzle nozzles is suitable for extinguishing, suppressing, controlling, temperature and dusting the following fires;

Class A: combustible solid fires in bookstores, archives databases, cultural relics and other places;

Category B: flammable liquid fires in hydraulic stations, oil-immersed power transformer rooms, lubricating oil warehouses, turbine oil warehouses, diesel generator rooms, oil-fired boiler rooms, oil-fired direct-fired engine rooms, oil switch cabinet rooms and other places;

Category C: Combustible gas injection fires in steam turbine rooms, gas direct-fired engine rooms and other places;

Class D: electrical equipment fires in power distribution rooms, computer rooms, data processing rooms, communication rooms, central control rooms, large cable rooms, cable tunnels (corridors), cable shafts, traffic tunnels and other places;

Class E: Fires of cooking objects (such as animal and vegetable fats) in cooking appliances; closed high-pressure water mist nozzle fire extinguishing systems shall not be used to extinguish the following fires: there are fires that can react with water and cause combustion and explosion or produce a large number of harmful substances; There is a fire that can cause violent boiling and overflow of flammable liquids in contact with water;


Design features of water mist nozzle:

All stainless steel material, corrosion-resistant.

Produces fine water droplets with an average particle size of less than 100um, with strong jet momentum.

Strong flame penetration and high fire extinguishing efficiency.

The suspension time in the air is long.

A variety of eddy current technologies are suitable for various environments and places.

The stainless steel filter screen is used to prevent the nozzle from clogging.


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