The fire closed high-pressure water mist nozzle
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The fire closed high-pressure water mist nozzle

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The fire-closed high-pressure water mist nozzle is composed of a nozzle body, nozzle, nozzle core, filter screen and other parts. After a certain pressure of water enters the nozzle through the nozzle filter screen, the pressure water is sprayed out of the nozzle hole at high speed, and the surrounding air produces strong friction and the water stream is torn apart, thus forming a fine water mist sprayed at a certain angle.The enclosed high-pressure water mist nozzles are widely used in the fire protection industry for the following reasons:

1. The enclosed high-pressure water mist nozzle has excellent design features

2.Introduction to the advantages of closed high-pressure water mist nozzles in fire protection


The closed high-pressure water mist nozzle has the following design features:

1. It is made of all stainless steel, which is precisely processed by a CNC machining center;

2. The generated fine water droplets, the average particle size is less than 100um, the fog droplets are distributed densely and uniformly in space, and the residence time is long;

3. The perfect inner flow channel design enables the water mist to shoot farther, and uses the unique vortex nozzle technology to overcome the influence of air resistance on the range of the mist droplets;

4. Using a variety of spray angles and models, the fire extinguishing system composed can better adapt to the fire extinguishing environment and places;

5. Using German high-response JOB glass ball, in the event of a fire, it can quickly sense the ambient temperature;


Closed water mist nozzles have unique advantages in the field of fire protection

The closed high-pressure water mist nozzle is an important component of the high-pressure water mist spray fire extinguishing system. It can cool the fire plume through fine droplets, the water vapor can isolate oxygen, and it can reduce the radiant heat to control and extinguish the fire. Installed in production sites, warehouses, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, theaters, office buildings, high-rise buildings, garages, etc. where there is a fire hazard. In addition, the closed water mist nozzle has unique advantages in the field of fire fighting, which is very suitable for the field of fire fighting and has 4 advantages.

 1. Efficient heat absorption-quickly reduce the temperature of the fire site, heat absorption and cooling to extinguish fire;

 2, rapid suffocation-rapid oxygen suffocation to extinguish fire;

 3, block radiant heat-inhibit the spread of fire;

 4. High-efficiency fire extinguishing performance, safety and environmental protection, small water consumption, fast response time, low conductivity, etc.

The closed water mist nozzle can respond immediately at the initial stage of the fire. After being sprayed into the fire, the formed water vapor quickly envelops the burning material, flames and smoke, which has an excellent barrier to the radiant heat of the fire. ability. It has the advantages of restraining radiant heat from igniting other objects around and injuring surrounding personnel, so as to protect lives and the spread of fire.

 At the same time, if the high-pressure closed water mist nozzle is used in the factory for humidification, it is still very practical. The water is atomized by high pressure, the flow rate is large, the spray distance is wide, and the atomized particles are relatively small. If it is sprayed above the plant, it can quickly achieve the effect of cooling down. The water mist nozzle can achieve a better effect in the humidification of the plant.


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