The style of the water mist nozzle
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The style of the water mist nozzle

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The use of water mist nozzles is due to the small diameter of the water mist droplets. Compared with the same volume of water, its surface area is greatly increased, which improves the heat exchange efficiency and has a good cooling effect. The fine water mist achieves the purpose of controlling, suppressing and extinguishing fires under the triple effects of cooling, suffocation and thermal radiation isolation. The water mist fire extinguishing system has the dual functions and advantages of water mist fire extinguishing and gas fire extinguishing. The cooling effect of the water mist fire extinguishing system also has the suffocating effect of the gas fire extinguishing system, so it is a very good fire extinguishing technology worthy of promotion.


Different water mist nozzles are very different. Choosing a nozzle should not only consider its possible atomization performance, but also its structure, processing difficulty and scope of application. The liquid atomization method widely used in production and life, representative of the following categories

1. Pressure atomization

2. Pneumatic atomization

3. Rotary atomization

4. Vibration atomization


Pressure atomization

The pressure is converted into fluid kinetic energy to form a high-speed moving liquid column jet or liquid film jet, which meets the surrounding low-speed gas medium, and the liquid column or liquid film is broken under the action of crushing force ,finally atomization is completed. Mainly include direct current sprinklers, single centrifugal sprinklers, etc.


Pneumatic atomization

Pneumatic type, also known as medium type, uses air or steam as the atomizing medium to atomize the sprayed liquid. Generally it is a two-fluid spray type, with two types of high pressure and low pressure. The working principle is that the liquid column or liquid film is blown away by the kinetic energy of the flowing gas and broken into liquid droplets.


Rotary atomization

Rotary type, also known as rotor cup type, injects liquid into the surface of a high-speed rotating cup or disc. The liquid is evenly thrown out by the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the rotor, and the liquid film is broken to complete the atomization process. Its main advantage is its low price and simple structure.


Vibration atomization

With the help of sound waves, ultrasonic waves, etc., the liquid is vibrated and destabilized, and the nozzle types that split and atomize and break into small droplets are collectively called vibrating atomization nozzles. There are low-frequency mechanical vibration atomization nozzles, ultrasonic vibration water mist nozzles and so on. Due to the complexity of the device, it is generally only used in laboratories and ground industries.


Water mist fire extinguishing technology is increasingly used and developed. The research of water mist fire extinguishing technology includes the system composition of water mist, system design optimization, the optimization of various components in the system, and the optimization of nozzles. The fog extinguishing effect will be of great significance. The water mist nozzle is a key component of the water mist fire extinguishing system. The research and optimization of the water mist nozzle is an important part of the research on the water mist fire extinguishing system. Manshan Powaer Trading Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the research of water mist nozzles for more than 10 years and insists on the principle of quality first and customer first.If you want to know more about our professional Spray Nozzle and Water Mist Nozzle products, you can contact us at any time.

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