The difference between water mist nozzle and water mist nozzle
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The difference between water mist nozzle and water mist nozzle

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The water mist nozzle and the water mist nozzle sound like two nozzles with the same name, but one nozzle is smaller. In fact, this is not the case. They are the nozzles used by the two fire extinguishing systems. The two types of fire extinguishing systems are not only different in nozzles, but also in different places of use, working principles and composition.


The water mist nozzle corresponds to a high-pressure water mist fire extinguishing system, and the water mist nozzle is matched with a water spray fire extinguishing system. Then the difference between the two nozzles is as follows

1. The difference in structure

2. The difference in droplet diameter


The difference in structure

The water mist nozzle is composed of a nozzle body, nozzle, nozzle core and filter screen. After a certain pressure of water enters the nozzle through the nozzle filter, the pressure water is sprayed out of the nozzle hole at a high speed, so as to achieve the effect of extinguishing the fire.

The water spray is an impingement water spray nozzle, which is composed of a splash plate, a diverter cone, and a frame body. The pressure water flow hits the external splash plate and is dispersed into a uniform cone-shaped water mist in the set area.


The difference in droplet diameter

Water mist diameter: The characteristic diameter DV0.90 of the droplet volume percentage of the water mist nozzle should be less than 1mm. That is to say, in the total volume of the spray liquid, the percentage of the volume of the droplets below this diameter is not less than 90%.

Water mist diameter: The water mist droplets with a diameter Dv0.50 less than 200μm and Dv0.99 less than 400μm formed on a plane by the water system. In other words, on this plane, 99% of the droplets have a diameter of less than 400μm, and 50% of the droplets have a diameter of less than 200μm.


Water mist nozzles are usually used in:

1. For places where environmental conditions are likely to block the nozzle holes, nozzles with corresponding protective measures and that do not affect the spraying effect of water mist should be selected; for the floor mezzanine of the electronic information system room, nozzles suitable for low spaces should be selected.


2. For a closed system, the nozzle with a response time index (RTI) not greater than 50 (m·s) 0.5 should be selected, and its nominal operating temperature should be 30°C higher than the maximum ambient temperature, and the same thermal performance should be used in the same protection zone Of nozzles.


3. The nozzle arrangement of the closed system should be able to ensure that the water mist is sprayed evenly and completely cover the protected area, and should comply with the following regulations: The distance between the nozzle and the wall should not be greater than 1/2 of the maximum arrangement distance of the nozzle.


4. The distance between the nozzle and other obstructions should ensure that the obstruction does not affect the normal spraying of fine water mist from the nozzle; when it is unavoidable, compensation measures should be taken.


5. The distance between the temperature sensing component of the nozzle and the ceiling or the bottom of the beam should not be less than 75mm, and should not be greater than 150mm. When a suspended ceiling is installed in the place, the sprinklers can be arranged next to the suspended ceiling.


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