The low-pressure Water Mist Nozzle
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The low-pressure Water Mist Nozzle

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The low-pressure Water Mist Nozzle is a single-fluid atomizing nozzle, which does not require too high pressure, and only needs to reach a certain water pressure to atomize the liquid into a relatively fine water mist. It is different from the fire-fighting water mist nozzle. Since the main purpose of a fire-fighting water mist nozzle is to extinguish fires, it not only requires atomization to reach the level of water mist, but also requires a large flow rate, so the water mist nozzle used for fire fighting must be medium-high pressure and low-pressure fine water mist nozzles. Too much water pressure, but because it is a single-fluid nozzle, it cannot reach the flow rate of the low-pressure water mist nozzle and cannot be used for fire fighting. However, it can be used as an auxiliary product for air atomizing nozzles. When the customer does not have a gas source or the atomization requirements are not high, and the cost is saved, a good atomization effect can be achieved, and the effects of humidification, dust reduction and temperature reduction can be achieved. Low-pressure Water Mist Nozzles can be divided into the following types

1. FD fine atomization anti-drip nozzle

2. AAZ fine atomizing nozzle

3.FE plastic fine atomizing nozzle


FD fine atomization anti-drip nozzle

It is mainly made of brass or stainless steel. The nozzle part of the nozzle is very small. At the same time, the nozzle part is made of ceramic core or ruby, which is durable. The sprayed mist has a hollow cone shape and requires a certain amount of water pressure. The minimum working pressure needs to reach about 20 kg. Used for humidification, cooling, dust removal and other applications of manufacturers.


AAZ fine atomizing nozzle

Compared with the FD fine atomizing nozzle, the AAZ fine atomizing nozzle not only has all the advantages of the FD fine atomizing nozzle, but also has the advantages of the low pressure fine atomizing nozzle, not only requires a smaller working pressure, but also the flow rate AAZ fine atomization The speed of the nozzle is not small. Under the pressure of 10bar, the AAZ fine atomization nozzle with a flow rate of 1.5 can reach a flow rate of 10.8L/H. At the same time, a removable filter element is installed inside the nozzle for easy maintenance.


FE plastic fine atomizing nozzle

The FE plastic fine atomizing nozzle is made of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene plastic. Can spray 20-40 microns of fine water mist. The spray angle is 80~90°. At the same time, there is a filter inside the nozzle, which is not easy to be blocked. At the same time, it also has a drip-proof design, which has low pressure requirements, and can be used with ordinary tap water pressure of about 3kg. At the same time, because it is made of plastic, the price is relatively close to the people, and it is suitable for production facilities such as humidification, dust reduction, temperature reduction, atomization, and landscape.


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